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Adventures within 90 Minutes

Discover an array of adventures within 90 minutes of Serenity Gully in the Southern Forests & Valleys, from quaint country towns to stunning beaches, and thrilling aerial courses, catering to all tastes.



Donnelly River Village offers a nostalgic journey back in time to the charm of an old mill town. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature as you feed the friendly local emus, kangaroos, and magpies, creating cherished memories with these native Australian creatures. Indulge in scones and jam at the General Store (probably the best we've ever tasted). For a refreshing escape, the nearby dam beckons with its picturesque swimming hole, offering a perfect spot to cool off and unwind during the warmer months. Don't miss out on this must-visit destination that combines history, nature, and yummy morning or afternoon tea in one enchanting experience.

Truffle Hunting


Truffle Hill is one of the few truffieres in the world that allows a select number of people to participate in a truffle hunt in the winter months and see for themselves the fascination of how truffles gro, are hunted and check for maturity, and then harvested. By choosing The Truffle Experience, after your hunt with expert dogs you will be joined at the restaurant alfresco area for a private, guided truffle and wine tasting with experienced cellar door team. Taste your way through truffle infused local delights and multi-award winning boutique wine range, handcrafted in Manjimup by head winemaker Mark Aitken. 

Pemberton Tramway Company


The Pemberton Tramway Company Pty Ltd is a privately operated tourist railway in the south west of Western Australia, which conveys tourists through deep forests and picturesque countryside as well as recreating the history of the timber railways that were so important to the regions development and growth. The railway uses paid and voluntary staff, and operates diesel hydraulic trams over a total route length of 10kms.

Aerial Adventures Pemberton


Choose your adventure to challenge your primal brain and trust in your abilities to climb, wiggle, grip and fly deep and high among the towering Karri trees. From the forest floor, choose to wrestle your way up 5, 10 and even 25m off the ground on our expert-designed courses. Pricing includes all equipment hire and briefing. Through our carefully formulated training and induction and with a clever arrangement of challenges gradually increasing in height and difficulty you are developing your skills and confidence while having fun and ripping the benefits of moving your body in a magnificent forest environment. Plus you also get to observe unique wildlife in an authentic way from a different angle as well as experiencing the wonders of what the Southern Forests lifestyle offers.

Southern Forests Chocolate Company Pemberton

DRIVING TIME: 60 minutes

The Southern Forests Chocolate Company is a renowned chocolatier nestled within the heart of Pemberton, Western Australia. As the official chocolate supplier of Serenity Gully, they craft decadent artisanal chocolates that tantalize the taste buds and elevate the senses. Visitors are invited to indulge in a hot chocolate experience like no other, enjoying velvety-smooth cocoa creations by the tranquil beauty of their scenic lake. Whether savoring a rich and creamy hot chocolate or indulging in their exquisite range of artisan chocolates, a visit to the Southern Forests Chocolate Company promises a journey of unparalleled chocolate bliss amidst the natural wonders of the Southern Forests region. Say hello to Kate the owner from us. She's a treat in herself!


DRIVING TIME: 67 minutes

Discover this small and attractive series of rocky cascades. The falls are pleasant all year round, but the best time to see them in full flow is in winter or early spring. Visitors can access Beedelup Falls from a 300m walk trail from the car park. The trail takes you across the suspension bridge over Beedelup Brook. Walk trails leave from the falls to the Karri Valley Resort. Beedelup Loop WalkSet out on a 4.5km moderately hard walk, which meanders through karri forest via Karri Valley Resort. This walk can be broken up into shorter sections. There is an accessible lookout which has spectacular views of Beedelup Falls and the Karri Valley Resort.


DRIVING TIME: 30 minutes

Golden Valley Tree Park is a sixty hectare landscaped park set in the picturesque hills of Balingup. The heritage listed site has a collection of trees that was begun over one hundred years ago, and is now the largest arboretum in WA. The Park is a great place for short walks amongst some of the loveliest rural countryside in the heart of the South West. The beautiful World Collection features many deciduous autumn colour favourites alongside rare and unusual specimens. Golden Valley’s Australian Collection showcases the wide diversity of Australian native tree associations from tall eucalypts through mallee woodlands to dry season deciduous species and a range of rare West Australian species. Many trees are labelled.

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