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Supplies (Food & Drink)

Ditch the esky - Bridgetown's bounty awaits! Stock up for your glamping adventure at The Stables IGA's overflowing shelves and gourmet deli. Delight in fresh local produce from the butcher and Foodworks, plus health foods, bakery treats, and more. Savor the flavors of the Southwest without lifting a finger!

The Stables IGA

Promoting locally grown produce and supporting the local community, experience their friendly and convenient shopping environment and extensive gourmet supplies, plus the basics.

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From inner city to country town, our FoodWorks stores they offer unique experiences catered specifically to the Bridgetown community and produce. Home to Simmo's Icecream

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Clovers General Store

Local corner store and bottle shop specialising in local produce, wine, beers and spirits and specialty providore lines. Quality drinks and fresh local produce in an historic store.

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Geegelup General Supplies

Bridgtown's own health food and organic supplies store. Supplements, health supplies, teas, skin care and more. Housed in one of Bridgetown's historic buildings, it's worth a visit.

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Hansen's Hot Bread Shop

Hansen's Hot Bread Shop is a family-owned and run traditional bakery specialising in homemade pastries, cakes, artisan bread and award-winning pies. Servicing Bridgetown for 25 years .

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Ooh La La Lolly Shop

The best lolly shop in the entire south west! Wonderful international sweets shop, with everything from Giant Lollipops,sherbet fountains and Choo Choo Bars.

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