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If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand. — Buddha

There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature.  Aristotle

Wisdom begins in wonder.  Socrates

Our dream ... to gift you an adventure

Franco and Susan Randazzo

For Susan and Franco, Serenity Gully began as a dream to simply find a few acres with a get away cottage within reasonable driving distance from Perth. When Susan discovered glamping eco tents during a Google search, suddenly the hunt became about peaceful land with stunning views, near a quintessential Australian country town with great amenities. 

Eighteen months and twenty thousand kilometers later, they drove past a 'for sale' sign on their way to view another property in Kangaroo Gully, five minutes out of Bridgetown. After climbing the fence, it took mere minutes to realize they'd found the perfect spot — breathtaking views, complete isolation, and a wonderous jarrah forest. With the land much larger than they'd imagined at 478 acres (half the size of King's Park and the size of Monaco), they knew guests would love the adventure of the unrestricted exploration of this magnificent property. 

After spending time in historic Bridgetown enjoying the town's charm and wonderful restaurants and cafes, they fell even more in love. As a central base to explore local wineries, nature-based tourist destinations along the Golden Triangle drive (one of the most scenic in the SouthWest), their search was over.

Erecting a couple of bell tents wasn't on the agenda though. Only the most luxurious experience possible would do justice to this magical place. Not only do the tents deliver a five-star experience in eco-style, but each tent is sited for utmost privacy and peace. Every comfort, from the furnishings and cloud-soft mattress, outdoor bath, to even the crockery and glassware was carefully considered. The focus is on self-sustaining and minimal footprint with solar power, water harvesting and even recycling of scraps with vermiculture (worm composting). Where possible, recyclable and local products have been chosen. 

Susan says, "The first time you view a sunset here is akin to a mystical encounter. As dusk descends, suddenly dozens of kangaroos appear, birds call goodnight from the trees and the sun turns the towering jarrahs golden red. Slowly pins of light appear in the blue-black sky, and there is revealed the majestic Milky Way and a carpet of twinkling stars. You've just experienced Serenity Gully magic."

More than eighteen months after first standing on the ridge where the tents now stand, breathing in the fresh Kangaroo Gully air and imagining the future joy of visitors, Franco and Susan now invite guests to enjoy a unique and memorable adventure with "just you and nature."

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