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Step into the magic of Serenity Gully! Explore our photo gallery, where we paint a breathtaking picture of your next escape. Lush landscapes, cosy tents, and moments of pure relaxation await - discover why guests return again and again.

Click "Explore" to discover each tent's unique charm or our Serenity Views. Unwind on our 478-acre haven, with captivating walks and breathtaking vistas just waiting to be explored.





Embrace the magic of dawn at Yira, named for its elevated perch (Noongar for "up high"). This exquisite off-grid eco-tent unlocks a gateway to unforgettable moments and breathtaking vistas that will etch themselves onto your soul.

As the sun ascends, Yira unveils its crown jewel: a 180-degree panorama of the picturesque valley below. Witness the landscape emerge from slumber, bathed in golden hues. With a touch of serendipity from April to October, the valley might shroud itself in a mystical dance of mist, adding an ethereal touch to your sunrise serenade.

Yira transcends luxury. Embrace breathtaking views, unyielding solitude, and the splendour of nature's symphony at dawn. Leave the ordinary behind and discover the magic of Yira.



Kaarta, named for its hilltop majesty (Noongar for "scarp"), unveils a panorama that steals your breath. From your luxurious off-grid eco-tent, watch the sweeping landscape unfurl – a tapestry of ancient Jarrah forests whispering secrets to distant blue hills. As dusk paints the scene in deep hues, mesmerise yourself with fiery sunsets that ignite the heavens above. Our resident kangaroos and sheep graze serenely nearby, completing the picturesque symphony of nature.

Nestled before Kaarta stands a proud, centuries-old giant Jarrah, guarded by a graceful court of grass trees. These timeless sentinels frame sunsets beyond compare, weaving an atmosphere of pure enchantment that will hold you spellbound.

Privacy is your luxury. Each tent boasts breathtaking vistas, generously spaced for undisturbed tranquillity. Wander at will, lose yourself in the vastness of our sanctuary, and let wildflowers guide your journey. Serenity Gully whispers your name, ready to unveil the wonders of nature and weave an unforgettable escape into the heart of pristine beauty.



Escape the ordinary, embrace the infinite at Woora ("far, far away" in Noongar). This luxury eco-tent, nestled on a secluded hill, offers panoramic views that stretch beyond the horizon, painting your escape with endless skies and rolling hills. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and breathe in the whispering secrets of the outback.

Woora is more than just a tent; it's a portal to serenity, a canvas for nature's masterpiece, and a haven for the soul seeking peace and breathtaking vistas.


Magic Walks

Escape the confines of ordinary getaways and step into 478 acres of pure exploration! Unlike other accommodations, we don't just offer a room, we offer a boundless sanctuary. Imagine this: your feet leave the well-worn path, venturing into ancient forests that whisper secrets on the wind. You crest a hill, the panorama of rolling countryside stretching before you like a living painting. Every bend, every hidden clearing, a potential for discovery.

Forget the feeling of being hemmed in; here, you have the freedom to roam, to reconnect with nature's untamed spirit. Consider this: our 478 acres are half the size of King's Park, meaning an entire world of adventure awaits right outside your door.

So, lace up your boots, let your curiosity guide you, and experience the exhilarating freedom of having 478 acres at your fingertips.