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Add a little something extra to your stay

Enhance your Serenity Gully experience with an extraordinary 'Extra'. Discover a range of special additions that will make your stay even more unforgettable. Order during the booking process or through our convenient concierge app, after booking. These are just a taste of what awaits: we source all our offerings from local Bridgetown/Southern Forests artisans, producers, and the nearby South West region.

Grazing Box (1).png
Gourmet Artisan Grazing Box

Indulge in the epitome of grazing experiences with a Serenity Gully Grazing Box, elevating the concept of traditional grazing boards. See inclusions

Crafted by talented local artisans, Sage Epicurian, these delectable boxes transcend mere snacks and offer almost a three-course culinary journey. Immerse yourself in a tantalizing array of delights sourced exclusively from the bountiful South West region, all freshly prepared and eagerly awaiting your arrival in our eco-friendly packaging box.

Serenity Gully Luxury Stone Bathtub.jpg
Early Check-In or Late Check-Out

Escape and extend your relaxation time with our early check-in offer. Instead of the standard check-in time of 15:00, treat yourself to the luxury of a 1pm check-in, granting you extra hours of tranquility and serenity.

Take a leisurely stroll through the scenic landscapes, allowing nature to soothe your senses. Unwind on the deck, basking in the gentle breeze while savoring the tranquil ambiance. Alternatively, indulge in a blissful afternoon bath, letting the warm waters melt away any remnants of stress and the drive.

Chocolates & Sparkling
Sparkling & Chocolate Indulgence

Indulge in a touch of luxury with our curated add-on, a delightful collaboration with the artisans of Southern Forests. Elevate your stay with a bottle of Southern Forests' Hidden River Estate's Sparkling Blanc de Blancs. Chilled and ready in your fridge upon arrival, this effervescent treat sets the tone for a memorable stay.

Complementing this, Pemberton's Southern Forests Chocolate Company brings you an exquisite Artisan Chocolate box. Handcrafted amidst the towering Karri forests, gourmet truffles showcase the finest Belgian chocolate and locally sourced South West ingredients. 

Beef Soup
Hearty Meals

Imagine stepping into your tent and savouring the delightful aroma of our culinary creations, freshly made by the skilled head chef of Bridgetown's popular local eatery Wattleseed Barn.

See menus

This two-course, lovingly crafted meal will ensure your dinner is a truly unforgettable experience. Our thoughtfully designed dish serves two, making this perfect for sharing by the fireside. Soup will await your arrival, warming in the kitchen.  Includes two hearty bowls plus a little more and two desserts.

Capture Your Love

Planning a special moment during your stay at Serenity Gully like a proposal, or are you visiting Serenity Gully for a special event like a birthday, anniversary, baby moon? Perhaps you simply want to freeze-frame your love against the breathtaking backdrop of Serenity Gully.
Enter Clancy, our local photographer with a passion for capturing authentic, unposed moments that reflect the unique essence of YOU. Clancy will meet you at your tent and then lead you on an enjoyable wander to several secret and picturesque magical places on Serenity Gully to capture your stunning photos. 

flowers htis one.jpg
Flowers in the Forest Bouquet 

Indulge your loved one with an exquisite floral delight from our Local Bridgetown Florist, Bloomin Bridgetown.

Delight your loved one on arrival at Serenity Gully with a delightful surprise of stunning flowers expertly curated by our dedicated local Bloomin Bridgetown.

To commemorate this special gift, we provide a lovely take-home vase, serving as a lasting keepsake of the cherished memories created during your time at Serenity Gully.

Face Massage
Serenity Massage (60 mins x 2)

Prepare to be transported to a realm of serenity and relaxation with our indulgent Serenity Bliss: In-Tent Massage Experience. Immerse yourself in 60 minutes of pure bliss as our skilled local masseuse, Lisa, expertly tailors the massage techniques to your preferences, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

NOTE: Massages are consecutive, so allow two hours, 30 minutes for the two x 60 minute massages.

Romance Pack Landscape (1).png
Enchanted Forest Rendezvous

Be enchanted as you step into a world of romance and beauty. We've thoughtfully curated a stunning experience for your arrival, ensuring the perfect mood.

Behold, a grand gesture of love awaits you on the bed, where a large heart made of delicate rose petals beckons and nestled within, you'll find two delectable heart-shaped chocolates, Adding to this, a vase of exquisite flowers awaits, freshly arranged by our local Bridgetown florist. And the best part? You can take the vase home as a cherished keepsake, a lasting reminder of this unforgettable occasion.

Sunnyhurst SBS_edited.jpg
Sunnyhurst Wine

Hand-picked from the Sunnyhurst vineyard, we offer a variety of choices of delectable wine from our local winery. Choose from Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose and Shiraz. All crafted by hand and  then blended and fined with non-animal derived products, filtered & bottled in house. Most suitable for vegans. Wine will be supplied and chilling in your fridge. 

Local Sunnyhurst Winery produces award quality wines-eight gold, six silver, & more than 40 bronze medals, and three "best of class" trophies awarded in various Australian wine shows.

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