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Serenity Gully Walking Trails

Adventure awaits. Your 478-acre playground stretches right outside your glamping haven at Serenity Gully. Lace up your sneakers (we recommend tall socks!) and lose yourself in the beauty of untouched forests and open fields. Don't fret about pesky grass seeds – we've got you covered with comfy boot covers, two pairs per tent for itch-free exploration. Please leave in tent after use.

Navigating Serenity Gully is a breeze. Reliable phone coverage keeps you connected, and our handy Google Maps app guides you back if you wander a bit too far. Zoom in to explore trails, pinpoint your location, or compare it to your tent. For old-school charm, you'll also find a laminated map in your tent.

Keep your eyes peeled for our resident wildlife! At dusk, watch kangaroos graze near the dam or hop merrily near the "4 Tree Picnic Spot." Follow the enchanting Banksia Trail or Grass Tree Trail, and you might catch a glimpse of their curious movements.

Nature paints a vibrant masterpiece along the trails at Serenity Gully. Each season reveals a new alchemy of wildflowers, their colors and fragrances weaving through the air. Watch the skies come alive with a symphony of birdlife – twenty-eights and cockatoos, kookaburras and owls, their songs serenading your every step. With a touch of luck, you might even spot a graceful bush duck on the dam or catch a glimpse of emus strutting their stuff.

Suggested Walks

 Lace up your shoes and choose your adventure:

  • The Banksia Trail: Wander beneath a golden-tinged canopy of banksias, their honeyed scent mingling with the crisp twilight air. Follow the dappled path as it opens to a clearing, revealing the valley ablaze with sunset colors.

  • The Grass Tree Trail: Let the ancient sentinels of the Jarrah forest guide your way. Their gnarled branches reach towards the fiery sky, while clusters of grass trees cast dramatic shadows, adding an air of mystique to your journey.

  • The Dam Loop: Witness the transformation of the still dam as the sky reflects its fiery palette. Watch as ducks paddle across the mirror-like surface, their silhouettes dancing in the fading light.

Each trail unveils a unique perspective on the evening spectacle, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Breathe in the cool air, the scent of wildflowers lingering on the breeze, and let the serenity of the hills wash over you. As the last tendrils of sunlight fade, find your perfect sunset picnic spot, uncork a bottle of local wine, and toast to the breathtaking beauty that unfolds around you.

Sunset Trails Unveiling Enchantment: Explore Serenity Gully's Twilight Tapestry

As the sun dips below the horizon, Serenity Gully transforms into a canvas painted in fiery hues. And what better way to witness this transformation than by immersing yourself in the heart of it all on our captivating sunset nook, a five to ten minute easy walk from your tent?

Serenity Gully property map with walking trails

Sunset Nook

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