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Frequently Asked Questions
Our Tents


How many people can stay in a tent?

Each tent sleep 2 adults. All bedrooms have a luxury King Beds (no twin beds or sofa beds). If you would like to book more than one tent, please email or call +61 8 6119 3600

Can my friends come over to see our tent?

We cannot allow anyone but the two booked guests. This is because we need to maintain a register of one phone number for each guest party for safety and evacuation protocols. The tents are not suitable for more than two guests at any time.

Can we cook for ourselves?

For sure! Each tent has an outdoor Baby Weber Gas BBQ and kitchen for preparation An underbench fridge will keep your local produce fresh and we have an electric toaster. and kettle We supply basics such as cooking oil, salt and pepper, sugar  As our power is solar, we don't have ovens, microwaves or dishwashers in the kitchenettes. For coffee, tea or hot chocolate lovers, we supply a Nespresso coffee maker with milk frother & complimentary pods, English Breakfast leaf tea and tea pot, plus two types of herbals, and hot chocolate.


Serenity Gully is “off grid,” what does this mean for my stay?

Everything is solar powered, so we can only allow low voltage appliances (phones, laptops, cameras, and such) to be plugged in to the tent's power sockets. High voltage appliances (anything that generates heat) can cause an outtage to our system. Give the hair dryer and straightener time off and enjoy nature. In colder months, the fireplace will still deliver a comfortable stay. We have managed to add enough power for a Nespresso coffee maker and frother, kettle plus a toaster.

If you use a medical device which requires power, please get in touch to discuss. There is a risk, if you plug something into our system that it may cause issues with the power. So, we'd like to know first if you have a special requirement. Do you have flushing toilets & what about shower pressure?

Yes, we offer the comforts of home! Our tents boast flushing toilets that connect to a septic system. Showers feature good water pressure, ensuring a refreshing experience. We prioritise exceeding guest expectations, so we have amenities like powerful showers, flushing toilets, and reliable power – all while remaining off-grid. Check our brochure showcasing the interiors, including the bathrooms:

Can I bring children?

Sorry, but no to children under the age of 18. Serenity Gully is for you to relax and recharge and to indulge in the peace of the nature.


Are there wheelchair accessible tents?

Currently, no, however, as we expand in the near future, we will be adding a tent which will accommodate those who require wheelchair access.

Is there air conditioning and heating?

Our tents are designed with ambient properties including glazed sliding doors to the view, curtains and our easy-view, roll-up, insect screening, canvas windows. Feel free to roll down the windows to enjoy the breeze we enjoy up here. Please always leave the sliding glass doors closed to avoid bugs. Bridgetown surrounds have a very different climate to Perth and it is a rare evening you would sleep without a blanket (also provided). There are ceiling fans to keep the air moving when it’s still.  In the colder months, our tents include a slow combustion indoor fireplace, hot water bottles and extra blankets, so this will take the edge off the colder temperatures. Enough firewood is provided free for the length of your stay. There is a charge if you require extra.


What about TV and phone coverage?

Our motto is "Just You and Nature"  So, we decided to swap the TV for incredible views, board games and conversation. Each tent has good mobile phone coverage with Optus and Telstra. Vodaphone does struggle. So you can stream, make calls and send photos. Most areas, except way down the back of our land two kilometres further inside, enjoy phone coverage.  What's it like to sleep in a tent in the middle of a forest? Unwind Under the Stars: Immerse yourself in the magic of the forest. While Bridgetown nights can be cooler (around 5°C less than Perth, even in summer), we provide top-notch amenities to ensure your comfort.

Our king-size beds boast the most comfortable mattresses many guests have ever experienced, often claiming it's the best sleep they've had. However, nature's symphony can sometimes include high winds which can create a flapping canvas or slight beam movement noise, and there is always bird calls, and sometimes animal sounds.

For Light Sleepers:  While we strive to create a peaceful environment, occasional noise from the natural surroundings is a possibility. If you are sensitive to sounds that might disrupt your sleep, we recommend bringing earplugs as a precaution.

Booking Your Stay


Can I change the date of my booking?

You may be able to do this. Please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions.


What is your refund policy?

Please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions.


What payment methods do you accept?

Mastercard, Visa, AMEX (small surcharge). Direct deposit into our bank account is available. Please contact us at if you’d like to pay by any method other than credit card.


I want to book a group. Can I book out all your tents?

Absolutely. What a great idea. Finding dates when all tents are available might prove tricky, so please call us on +61 8 6119 3600 so we might assist and make suggestions on activities you might enjoy with your group.


Can we stay for one night?

Yes, from Sunday to Thursday night you can book a single night on our site. There is a minimum 2 night stay over weekends, and a 3 night minimum over peak times (long weekends and public holidays etc) and a 4 night minimum for the Easter break.

Planning Your Stay 

Do you provide bedding, linen and towels?

Of course, all luxury bedding, blankets, doonas and fluffy towels and bath robes are provided, with extra blankets for the colder nights. If you require further extra blankets or towels please let us know by calling +61 8 6119 3600. Please be advised that additional housekeeping services are only available for bookings over 4 days.  

What time is check in / check out?

Check in is from 3pm, Check out is at 10am. We require you to vacate the property by this time so the tent parking is available for the next guests and it takes over three hours to clean and reset each tent. You can purchase an early check-in or a late check-out, or both.

How do we check in / check out?

Two days before you arrive, we will send you an email with your digital access code. When you arrive at our closed main gate, this is not locked., please open (be sure to close behind you), drive in and follow the signs to your tent. Park next to the tent, and you'll see a lock box either on the steps rail or on a pole near the deck. You then enter the code into your lock box to retrieve your key which will open the sliding doors to your tent. Enter and enjoy your amazing home away from home. To check out, please leave the place tidy, place the key back in the lock box and enter the code again to lock up. Just be sure to shut the main gate and tent gate behind you each time you enter and leave, as there are grazing sheep on the land.

How do I get to Serenity Gully? Do I need a 4WD?

Before your stay, we'll send a map , directions and instructions on how to enter the property. It's an easy drive whether you are travelling from Perth or from somewhere in the South West. From Bridgetown, there is 4km of gravel road, drivable by a 2wd and motorbikes. Serenity Gully's road network to your tent is also well maintained gravel, plus we have an easy turn around area beside your tent.

Can I bring my hair dryer or straightener?

Sorry, but no. Staying off grid means foregoing high energy appliances, but our emus, kangaroos, sheep and birds don't use them either and we think they look gorgeous.


Can I bring Pets?

We wish we could say yes. We love all animals. But due to the native wildlife and our flock of sheep residing at Serenity Gully, and to ensure all you hear are the sounds of the bush and forest, we ask that you do not bring any pets onto the property..

Though we have a strict no pets policy, we love our own fur baby, so we understand that sometimes it's difficult to get a pet sitter or that Serenity Gully might be a stop on a longer trip. So we can offer arrangements with Donnybrook Down South Boarding Kennels who are happy to take care of your dog during your stay for a reasonable charge.

General info


Are there any areas we cannot explore?

Probably one of the most unique advantages of Serenity Gully is that this is not a farm. A flock of the neighbour's sheep graze the land to help keep the grass under control (beats mowing nearly 500 acres), but there's no other livestock. The land has been semi-cleared decades ago, including what's called park-land clearing beneath the trees in the areas around the tents and on at least another 200 acres. of forest This means the entire place is yours to explore wherever you choose to go including the Banksia Road area, around a kilometre away at the rear of the property. Just open the gate and wander in. The road is beautiful in the early morning. The walk there, including the road, is approximately 1.7 kilometres one way. So, take some water with you.

In case of emergency

Please call 000.  In the case of a regional fire, you will be notified by SMS, email and personal phone call. When you arrive, we recommend you read over our Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Procedures. You'll find these in the drawer of the side table in your tent or you scan a provided QR Code.


What happens if something breaks or stops working?

We have backups to our backups with our power system and water supply,. In the case of a system failure in the tent (power, gas, water, toilet, etc), please contact us immediately at or +61 8 6119 3600 


Is there mobile coverage and WiFi available in my tent?

No to WiFi but yes, to mobile coverage. Most areas of the property have 4G coverage with Telstra and Optus. This is not guaranteed though as it can change with the wind (we're not kidding).


Is there fresh water available?

A central compound/shed captures our water when it rains and we pipe water from our spring-fed dam, nearly one kilometre away. We cater for all your drinking, cooking, showering and cleaning needs. The water is double filtered and sterilized with UV light. Please be mindful of this precious resource by taking short showers and not running the tap while you brush your teeth. Long baths though are the one luxury we want you to enjoy, so fill that up for a lovely long soak. In dry winters, we may need to deliver potable town water to our tanks. Our goal is to be self-sustaining, however in our first year of operation we may not be able to collect all our water needs.


Can we use the firepit?

Absolutely. Take loads of pictures too because it's a magic experience under the stars. Firewood and a fire starter kit are provided. They are not to be used during windy conditions or during summer from early November until late March-Mid April (or maybe longer, depending on notification from Bridgetown Greenbushes Shire. It's far too dangerous to light fires during Bushfire Season. If you have any questions about this please get in touch with us at or +61 8 6119 3600


What about snakes, bugs and mosquitos?

We supply bug spray for your comfort. The tents have mesh flyscreens that will keep unwanted visitors out and still let the cool breeze pass through. Each tent has a basic First Aid Kit for minor injuries. Bridgetown has a hospital, eight minutes drive away. Snakes are on the property but they steer clear of humans; mosquitoes rarely make an appearance. At certain times of the year, the flies can decide to party with you, but just use the repellant spray under the kitchen cupboard as it works  well.. Mind the bull ants here and there as they can provide a nasty sting if you sit down near their nest. Do take care walking around the property. This is native bush and forest and the ground is uneven, although easily traversed.

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