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Fire Emergency

We take your safety seriously

We are located in a bushfire zone, and we he have multiple procedures in place to protect you and, if necessary, safely evacuate in the event of fire.

FIRE SAFETY & EVACUATION PROCEDURES: You will find an evacuation map, directions to safety and procedures in the drawer of the table in your accommodation. In the event of a fire alert, we will contact you by email, SMS and phone. The same information is below.

If you believe there is a fire nearby and we haven't made contact yet, please call any of the following: Lisa is Bridgetown based.

  • Susan Randazzo 0431 478 183

  • Franco Randazzo 0407 421 923

  • LIsa Haffre 0427 504 278

ADVICE - Stay Calm

Received a Bushfire Advice message? Don't worry, it's a precaution, not an immediate threat. We'll keep you updated.

Stay informed:

  • Keep phone charged nearby.

  • Observe your surroundings (best information source).

  • Review evacuation plan in your tent's long table drawer.

Further updates:

WATCH & ACT - Evacuate Now!

Stay calm, but act quickly! A Watch & Act is in effect, meaning immediate fire danger. For your safety, leave immediately.


  • Grab essential belongings quickly.

  • Evacuation plan details in your tent's long table drawer.


  • We'll contact you by SMS and phone for further guidance.

Remember: Safety first. Follow instructions calmly and evacuate promptly.

If you have remaining nights on your stay which will now be unused, we will contact you in the future to arrange a replacement booking, credit or refund, depending on your circumstance.We are sorry for this inconvenience, but your safety is our only priority.

Evacuation Plan

In the event you are asked to evacuate and you are uncertain of the route to drive to safety, please assemble at the muster area next to the front gate,  and wait. Someone will arrive within thirty minutes to guide you to safety. We will most likely have already made contact via phone to give you the most up to date information and advise you of the manager's travel time.

​Evacuating Yourself

Evacuation Options (If Safe to Travel):

1. Designated Off-Site Locations:

  • Travel to [Location Below ] or [Location 2 Below] ONLY if it's a safe direction.

  • We may suggest alternative destinations based on fire updates.

2. Proceed to Your Planned Destination:

  • If safe and clear, continue to your home or next stop.

3. Accommodation Impact:

  • Unused nights will be addressed later.

  • Expect contact for replacement booking, credit, or refund options.


Disability & Evacuation at Serenity Gully:

  • Safety First: Your well-being is our top priority.

  • Prepared Staff: Trained personnel to assist guests with disabilities during evacuation.

  • Individual Needs: Inform us of your specific requirements beforehand.

  • Tailored Support: We personalize assistance to ensure your safety and comfort.

  • Inclusive Evacuation: Procedures designed for everyone's well-being.

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