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Fireplace & Firepit

Enjoying the Warmth Responsibly

Cozy Fireplaces:

  • Each tent comes with enough firewood for your stay.

  • We provide extra wood when temperatures drop below 5°C.

  • Please use wood responsibly:

    • Don't stoke the fire when you're not in the tent.

    • The Charnwood heats up quickly, so adjust accordingly, closing the vent and door.

    • You only need one or two firelights to start the fire.

    • Extra wood bags are available for $25 (call 0431 478 183).

Campfire Fun:

  • Wood is stored in a large silver box to the side of the tent to keep it dry.

  • Enjoy the firepit with marshmallows, kebabs, and stunning views.

  • Don't leave a blazing fire. Throw the last log on fifteen minutes before you plan to retire.

Important Safety Info:

  • Do not use the firepit:

    • During windy conditions.

    • Between early November and March 31st (or as advised by Bridgetown Greenbushes Shire).

    • During bushfire season – it's simply too dangerous!

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