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Fireplace & Firepit

Enjoying the Warmth Responsibly

Please note that fireplaces and firepit use is based on Bridgetown-Greenbushes Shire Safety advice. The firepit season is usually from mid-May to end of October. Use of fireplaces is from end of fire-ban season (usually early April until early December. These may vary based on the conditions. In 2024, we have had an unusually low rainfall and conditions are dry and dangerous currently in mid-April, so we are not allowing fireplace use based on Shire advice. Currently (16/04/2024), the weather is extremely mild with the temperatures perfect for bushwalks on the property. The tents hold a comfortable ambient temperature in the evening with the overnight lows only occurring near sunrise when you'll either be tucked up in our super-warm bed or in the bathtub enjoying the spectacular sunrise.

Cozy Fireplaces:

  • Each tent comes with enough firewood for your stay providing you use the fireplace as directed and close the vents once it is fully lit. Please do not light the fireplace if you are not going to be in the tent for awhile so as not to waste wood. It heats up the tent very quickly.

  • We provide extra wood when temperatures drop below 5°C.

  • Please use wood responsibly:

    • Don't stoke the fire when you're not in the tent.

    • The Charnwood heats up quickly, so adjust accordingly, closing the vent and door.

    • You only need one or two firelights to start the fire.

    • Extra wood bags are available for $25 (call 0431 478 183).

Campfire Fun:

  • Wood is stored in a large silver box to the side of the tent to keep it dry.

  • Enjoy the firepit with marshmallows, kebabs, and stunning views.

  • Don't leave a blazing fire. Throw the last log on fifteen minutes before you plan to retire.

Important Safety Info:

  • Do not use the firepit:

    • During windy conditions.

    • Between early November and March 31st (or as advised by Bridgetown Greenbushes Shire).

    • During bushfire season – it's simply too dangerous!

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