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Never Glamped?

Since Serenity Gully is unique, and we know you'll wonder about how to prepare and what staying in a tent in the middle of the forest will be like. Besides being an amazing experience, there' are a few tips we have to ensure your stay is hassle-free and memorable.

Your Tent Comfort

It would be natural to wonder about the comfort of your tent. They maintain a reasonable temperature and protection from a chilly wind, especially on a sunny Autumn/Winter's day. Bridgetown, though, is usually at least five or more degrees cooler than Perth. Even in summer, it is rare not to need a blanket. 

So, depending on your tolerance for cold, please consider bringing:

  • a jacket for evening viewings of the sunset and the incredible night sky, even if it is warm in Perth.

  • from late March to November, please bring winter clothing like socks, uggies, rug-up relaxing clothes, jumpers.

  • from November to March a change of warm clothes. It might still be cold in the evenings. heavy jacket in winter, beanies, gloves, possibly rain jackets if rain is forecast.

In cooler months

From mid-April to October, enjoy the wood-burning fireplace and outdoor firepit with enough complimentary wood for your stay. During Autumn and Spring, fireplace and firepit use are subject to conditions and advice by the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes.

We supply

  • extra blanket

  • hot water bottle

  • the bed is luxuriously warm and comfortable with a doona, blanket and bed cover

  • warm up with a hot bath before bedtime.

In sharing this, the tents may not be a hotel-room perfect temperature. Since they're situated on a ridge which provides that magnificent view, there may be wind noises and early morning bird calls, but that's part of the nature experience. If you feel any of this might be an issue or you have questions, please feel free to email or call us to discuss.

Sounds & Sights of Nature

Sometimes, the birds or nearby farm animals can be loud in the morning or the wind might be high. You're in the middle of a beautiful forest so you will absolutely hear nature's noises.

If the wind is high you'll hear the tent roof flap and occasionally the sound of the metal struts moving a lttle.This is normal. Please don't worry as the tents are built to withstand cyclonic weather. The very same tent structures are in Broome and on Rottenst Island. If you're sensitive to sound, which in a new environment may occur, you might bring earplugs or purchase at a chemist. The wind tends to die down in the mornings and rarely blows all day.

In the summer season, you may occasionally see a snake or large lizard. Don't be concerned. The snakes and lizards are more afraid of you than you of them. Take a photo of your close encounter with our fauna. Just for the summer months of December to March, when walking on the property follow the Google trail map we've created which keeps you on our internal roads and paths as opposed to walking across the grassy paddocks. Snakes usually live near rocky outcrops as opposed to open fields.

On the odd occasion, spiders, insects, a mouse may enter your tent. We once even had a pygmy bat fly inside a tent. (They fit in your hand and are pretty cute.) Though the tents are sealed, an univited guest might still enter despite how meticulously we clean and check the tent before your arrival. Most guests are thrilled to spot one our wild creatures, but we understand that not everyone desires a close encounter. If you have a phobia, please consider that you are staying in nature which is unpredicable and whether staying at Serenity Gully is best for you. In saying this, it is rare you'll see any animals or large insects except for sheep and kangaroos. They usually see you first and run.

Boot Covers

You'll find two sets of boot covers in the bathroom drawer for you to slip on your ankles to pull down over your shoes and socks. In summer months, the grass grows long, and there will be grass seeds. The covers will help prevent grass seeds from getting into your socks and shoes. We recommend you bring hiking boots or some kind of closed boot as opposed to runners, but you should still wear our boot covers. If clean, please return them to the bathroom drawer or place dirty next to the towels. They are not for guests to take as they are reusable. 

If you have any questions about your stay, please contact us immediately 

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