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Photography Sessions

Planning a special moment during your stay at Serenity Gully like a proposal, or are you visiting Serenity Gully for a special event like a birthday, anniversary, baby moon? Perhaps you simply want to freeze-frame your love against the breathtaking backdrop of Serenity Gully. Enter Clancy, our local photographer with a passion for capturing authentic, unposed moments that reflect the unique essence of YOU.

Clancy will meet you at your tent at an agreed time and day before sunset, and then lead you on an enjoyable wander to several secret and picturesque magical places on Serenity Gully to capture your stunning photos. 

Please note, Clancy uses natural light and because of this, cannot photograph once the sun goes down. So night time photography is not an option. The best times for photos is within a 2 hour window of sunrise and sunset. The photoshoot goes on rain or shine. In case of severe weather, we offer the flexibility to reschedule or provide a refund. The session is subject to availability. 

Born and raised in rural Australia, Clancy's lens tells stories steeped in her childhood adventures in paddocks, tire swings, and swimming in dams. With a stint in Sydney's fashion industry and two years on a Kimberley cattle station, she brings a rich tapestry of experiences to her work.

Photography Session e-Package - $495
  • 1-hour session

  • Light decoration props, buckets filled with fairy lights, majestic Jarrah trees adorned with lights in our magical sunset viewing spot

  • 50 high-resolution images

  • 5 photos shared within the first 48 hours and the remainder will be delivered within 4 weeks 

Proposal e-Package - $745  

For those opting for the Proposal Package, Clancy will guide you through the details, ensuring she's well-prepared to capture the moment. This way, you'll be in the know about the event's timing and can seamlessly direct your loved one for a picture-perfect surprise.

  • Phone planning session with Clancy on logistics in the weeks/days leading up to the proposal day

  • 2-3 hour photography session at Serenity Gully

  • Extra petals to add magic and movement to photos

  • Buckets of fairy lights set up in our firepit area to create your memorable magic keepsake

  • Clancy hidden and poised to capture the magical moment

  • 70 high-resolution images

  • 5 photos shared within the first 48 hours and the remainder will be delivered within 4 weeks 

Enhance your Photography Experience

Embark on a journey of love at Serenity Gully, where every moment is a timeless celebration. To enhance the magic, consider pairing your couples' photography session with one of our enchanting Romance 'Extras.' These delightful additions promise to elevate your experience and create lasting memories. Create your personalised experience by ordering any of these Extras. 

  • Stunning Blooms with Take-Home Keepsake VaseElevate the romance with a beautiful bouquet that comes with a keepsake vase, ensuring your special blooms linger long after your stay.

  • Artisan Chocolate Box from Southern Forests ChocolateIndulge in the rich flavours of handcrafted chocolates from the Southern Forests Chocolate Company in Pemberton. A delectable addition to sweeten your Serenity Gully experience.

  • Indulgence Collection: A Symphony of Sparkle and Chocolate EleganceThis curated ensemble combines the effervescent joy of Southern Forests' Hidden River Estate's Sparkling Blanc de Blancs with the decadence of a gourmet artisan chocolate box. A symphony of sparkle and chocolate elegance, setting the stage for a truly magical stay.

  • Romance in the Forest PackageThis all-inclusive offering features an artisan chocolate box, a bottle of sparkling Hidden River Estate Chardonnay, stunning flowers presented in a take-home vase, and a glorious heart-shaped arrangement of petals strewn across your bed. 

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