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Travelling Here

Our retreat is fully accessible from the road to your tent by two wheel drive vehicles and motorbikes.

Serenity Gully is listed on Google Maps and Apple Maps. If you type in our name in these or our address 230 Polina Road, Kangaroo Gully, the destination will appear.

Once you arrive in Bridgetown, these are the final directions if you aren't using a search engine.

  • From Bridgetown: Turn left onto Steere St & travel 1.0 km

  • Turn right onto Gifford Rd & travel 120 m

  • Turn left onto Turner Rd & travel 1.9 km

  • Continue onto Kangaroo Gully Rd 3.6 km

  • Turn right onto Polina Rd Serenity Gully Glamping will be on the right after 2.3 km

  • We have a sign at the gate; look for that

Note, you'll travel along approximately 4km of gravel road but it's maintained by the Shire and drivable by 2wd in all weather. Just take care.

Our entrance has a wide pull-in area so you can open one of the gates safely. You'll find the two gates chained; they aren't locked. Unhook the chain. Please close the gate behind you always as we have a flock of sheep roaming the property.

Follow the road about 700 metres and you'll see our large rust and light green solar and water compound shed with signs nearby to your tent. Please mind the speed limit of 20km as it's for everyone's safety. Plus in summer there can be Monitor and Bobtail lizards sleeping on the road as well as sheep; at night you may see hopping kangaroos.

Park in the parking bay next to your tent. At night, sensor lights will light your way to the steps, which also have sensor lights. When you go out at night, leave an inside light on so you can see coming back as it can be quite dark on moonless nights. Remember to always close the door or flyscreen as you are staying in the natural bush and the bugs just love light.

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