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What to Pack

Please Bring

  • Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots and long socks. The grass seeds, especially in summer, can catch in your socks and shoes. We supply two sets of boot covers for your use. Please return to the top drawer in the bathroom if clean or leave with towels if dirty.

  • Warm clothes, even in summer as Bridgetown can be cold at night, year round. From Mid April until early November, you can warm yourself by the fireplace and firepit. Outside these dates, we cannot allow the use the firepit due to fire risk. The fireplace will be available based on weather, but after 1st December and until late March, usually it is no longer needed, so we won't supply wood.

  • Water if you prefer your own. We double filter our naturally-sourced from our own property, spring water, and UV treat it, so it is safe to drink and delicious. We don't supply bottled water to minimise plastic use.

  • Sunscreen as you can burn easily even in winter. You'll enjoy some wonderful walks through the sheltered forests, but there are many open areas where you'll be exposed to the sunlight.

  • Personal toiletries, but if you forget something, Bridgetown is only eight minutes' drive away. We supply Boodjera shampoo, body wash, body lotion and enough bath salts for one to two baths.

  • Your sense of adventure and wonder and embrace the bush life.

Leave Home

  • High draw electrical appliances because of our off-grid supply. Power is available for charging phones and computers and shavers. We've carefully calculated the use of our Nespresso machine, toaster and kettle so that our system can manage the power draw. Hairdryers and anything with a heating element is a no go. If you plug these in, it can trip the system and there will be extra charges if our entire system is tripped or damaged.

  • Pets and children, as we're an adult retreat and all about peace. Dogs present a danger to our wildlife and sheep. If you can't leave them with a sitter, you can check your fur babies into the Donnybrook Dog Service.

  • Candles or anything with a flame. You're staying in a canvas tent in the middle of a forest and fire threat is something about which we are super careful and strict, even in the cooler months. If we identify signs of candle use or smoking, there may be an extra charge.

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