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A book is hibernating within you but something is standing between you and your dream?

Writing is your passion but you just need a little encouragement?

Learn new skills, spend a weekend with like-minded writers, make new friends and be inspired by the beauty of your surroundings.
Join Susan May, best selling international thriller author for a three day, three night writing retreat that might just change your life. 


Join Susan May for three days of  inspiring workshops. The view alone will fire your imagination. Enjoy the views and inspiration at Waroona Dreaming and workshops are conducted in the very cool Hairy Lentil.

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Meet Susan May

Susan May has sold more than 200,000 books since 2016 and is an international Amazon best-selling author. Since she was four years old, reading and writing have been her passion and her enthusiasm for the craft is infectious. One of her main goals is to demystify and remove the elitism sometimes associated with writing.


"If you write, then you're a writer. There's no one day I'll be a writer about it," Susan says.

Her worldwide fanbase liken her immersive, page turning style to Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robert Mathieson, Gillian Flynn and Ray Bradford. Her short stories are favorites too, likened to Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt mind-bending tales. Many are published award-winners in Australia, the U.S.A and the U.K. In 2012, she created one of the first anthologies of the early era of indie publishing, bringing together NY Times best sellers alongside emerging authors, to launch "From the Indie Side." 


Susan has delivered workshops and conducted interviews at the Perth Writer's Festival, judged multiple international short story competitions and is currently mentoring in the "Four Centres Emerging Writer's Program" through the Peter Cowan Writing Centre. In the indendent publishing industry, she is highly respected for her advocacy work in fairer publising terms.

Susan lives in beautiful Perth, Western Australia with her two sons and husband, while her mind travels to dark places most would fear to visit.

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"Susan is an inspiration. After talking to her, I feel as though I can do anything."

“One of the few writers that never disappoints.”

"Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you you're worthy."

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