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Just imagine the gentle sound of a breeze blowing through the leaves of the towering jarrah trees, while birds sing. Your heartbeat slows, you breath in fresh, pure air and close your eyes. In your heart you know this is exactly what your soul needs. 

Unique Experience


Views & Interior of each luxury tent

Yira (our sunrise tent)

Every day, month and season, the vistas change at Serenity Gully, while each tent has its own unique views. To help with choosing your tent & stay date, we've labeled the pics with month. If you're viewing on mobile, please click on pic and scroll to see date labels. Of course, you can always come back again and again and try each one. They're all special.

Kaarta (our sunrise tent)


Woora (our sunrise tent)




Sernity Gully is 478 acres (half the size of King's Park) of open fields and Jarrah forests. It's not a farm, so there are no internal fences to stop you from wandering anwywhere. Our neighbour's gentle flock of sheep keep the grass low. The first time we walked on Serenity Gully in September 2020, we thought somebody had mowed. The forests have many marked paths but you can wander into them anywhere as they are semi-cleared, and you'll still find your way out quite easily. Eventually you'll hit a boundary fence and you just follow that, heading north, until you find your tent again. Mostly everywhere on the property enjoys mobile coverage, so you can access maps and see where you are in relation to our walking maps provided in the tents. Keep a lookout for our mob of kangaroos, birdlife and the wildflowers with different varieties flowering at different times of the year.


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